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Laura E. Kennedy is attempting to transition from being an artist who exclusively creates "fine art" to more of a creative "all-rounder". More specifically, after spending years tinkering on the sidelines, she is shifting her primary focus to freelance Graphic Design and Illustration.

After completing her Visual Arts Degree in Printmedia at Sydney College of the Arts in 2008 she has frequently applied and extended the skills she acquired for the Adobe Suite to the benefit of many aesthetically challenged friends & family members. She has also designed various marketing and websites for the businesses that she has worked for along the way.

My experience has included:

  • Business Branding, Websites & Marketing Materials

  • Logos & Packaging

  • 3D Printing Design

  • Lasercutting and Engraving Design

  • Photographic Editing and Manipulation

  • Digital and Traditional Illustration

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